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Shades of Beauty by Zoey James, LLC is the brainchild of a husband and wife team. Well, maybe more the wife but he supports his wife. The Husband and wife team is Kevin and A'aisha Fowler who created a web series that offer a subscription brand to go along with the series.  They had no idea that the business part of the idea would overpower the series in a good way. 

They created the series that would promote the brand & fictional character, Zoey James played by Actress Cacharel Martin. The character would introduce it to her friends Cassie Reed and Monique Smith.  The actresses that play those roles are Natalie Younger and Robyn Durham.  The audience will follow them on their journey of starting a business and the ups and downs in their personal life.

More About The Co-Founders 

A'aisha S. Fowler 

A’aisha Simpson-Fowler is a writer and director who enjoys writing sci-fi and other genres for multiple media platforms.  She has a knack for writing short/long content and getting it out in a timely manner. Her dedication of learning all areas of writing shows in her shorts. A’aisha is looking to master her craft and making her content available to the public.

 A’aisha earned her BFA in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago. She always knew she wanted to be a screenwriter before her path at The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago. While attending A’aisha was able to access other avenues in the field of filmmaking. Now on her path at Full Sail University, she is getting back to what she loves writing.

She looks forward to expanding her writing into writing novels and other mediums.  A’aisha is looking forward to seeing how combining film and business together could help her dream come true.

Kevin D. Fowler

Kevin Fowler is your typical handy guy by day but he's very creative. He has years of experience in plumbing and maintenance work. Kevin is a talented guitarist and drummer who's modest about his talent .  Shades of Beauty by Zoey James/ Tonic TV Network & Productions is more of a passion project for his wife.  He has been a big part of every decision from day one. Kevin has some management experience and has been a helpful and great asset to Shades of Beauty by Zoey James, LLC. 


Zoey James (The  Web series